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If I’d known then what I know now…
..basic teenage skincare and make-up tips which I chose to ignore

Is your daughter more Rocky Horror than Gossip Girl?

Remember those teenage years? A black eyeliner and a Miss Selfridge ‘Iron Maiden’ lipstick? We thought we looked cool – however, looking back at the photos, perhaps not!

I’ve recently been asked by quite a few mums, with teenage daughters, to put this newsletter out by way of helping to guide their misguided ways – and, if they get it right now, it will ensure that they can make the most of their skin as they go through their twenties, thirties and beyond.

Despite the plethora of magazines and fashion programmes on TV these days, most young girls still haven’t got a clue about how to care for their skin and apply make-up. Another very common problem which I come across is overplucked eyebrows – which don’t help in framing the eyes and can result in the hair not growing back. But then, how many of our mums told us how to go about plucking our own eyebrows or even how to best apply make-up?

As a lecturer to teenagers, I would say that the majority of my students wear far too much make-up, especially foundation. They don’t appreciate that they could look ten times better and much more gorgeous, if they used the right amount and the right colours for their eyes, hair colour and skin tone (it’s mostly too orange). Most of their role models on TV, apart from Lady Gaga and Jordan, don’t cake on the make-up, so where do they get their ideas from?

It’s also very important that teenagers learn a good skin care regime and cleansing routine early on, to prevent outbreaks – a teenage girl’s worst nightmare. Learning to care for your skin now will pay off in the long run, when you reach your twenties and beyond. Unfortunately, they might not want to hear it from you, since, although you have their best interests at heart, it comes across as nag, nag, nag. So, let me step in and help.

First, though, here are some tips from me:

Top tips for skincare to get your teenagers started:

1.  Cleanse every evening, followed by washing the face with a gentle facial wash. Use a gentle cleanser, so that you don’t strip your skin. Harsh, astringent cleansers will make your skin greasier, not cleaner.

2.  Always moisturise after you cleanse. Even young skin needs a light moisturiser to keep it looking its best, even if you have oily or combination skin. It’s a very common myth that, if your skin is oily, you ought not to moisturise. It is vital to keep the balance/equilibrium of your skin by moisturising. If you don’t, your skin will only get oilier and prone to spots.

3.  Try to use a moisturiser with SPF15 (sun protection factor). The sun can damage your skin, even when it’s cloudy.

4.  Get lots of beauty sleep. Skin repairs itself, while you’re sleeping – that’s why you always wake up with a glow!

5.  Try to drink five glasses of water a day and eat lots of vegetables. Whatever you put in your body is just as important, if not more important, than what you put on your skin. If you eat unhealthily, it will show up in your skin.

6.  Once a month, it’s a good idea to pamper your skin with a face mask. You have so many good brands to choose from: just pop down to your local Boots store and, if unsure, ask an experienced member of staff.

7.   It is good to change your skincare products at least once a year. Only by trialling and testing different products can you find those which may suit your skin better than those which you were using

8.  Do not rub your eyes – the skin under the eyes is extremely fine and delicate, it can easily get damaged which can cause the skin to discolour to a darker colour. One of the main reasons for dark circles and sometimes a bluey tone under the eyes is through rubbing the delicate skin too harshly. Although sleep deprivation is another cause!

Top tips for make-up, to get them started:

1.  Wearing too much make-up is like wearing a mask – no one can see the real you! We all look our best when our natural beauty shines through. Remember: less is more.

2.  Even out your skin tone with a light tinted moisturiser, a touch of powder on your chin and nose, if you’re shiny, and concealer on any blemishes which you wish to cover up. Get the sales assistant to help you to choose the right colour for your skin. In my experience, most teenagers get it wrong.

3.  You might want to add a touch of blusher onto the apples of your cheeks, if you’re feeling pale. Try a peachy-orange tone, if your skin has a warm/yellow tone to it, or a pink-rosy shade, if your skin tone is more porcelain/reddish. And go lightly! It’s always easier to add more blusher than to take some away.

4.  For an everyday eye, try a shimmery taupe or an icy lilac, framed with a coat of brown mascara (black is good, if you have dark eyes and hair).

5.  Lip balm is a must to keep your pout soft and protected. Try to use one with an SPF when you’re out and about. I love the Vaseline pink round tub which retails for about £2.

6.  A light-coloured lip gloss is perfect to finish your look.

So, how can I help your darling teenagers to get it right, so that it will set them up with beautiful skin and good make-up techniques? Why not be the ‘best mum in the world’ and give them the skills they need by booking them on a fun one-on-one make-up lesson or with a group of their friends?

It’s a fantastic gift which teaches them to appreciate their youthful features and how to enhance them, rather than cover them up. I offer a personal or group make-up lesson with friends, lasting two hours* – for that super birthday or Christmas present. In that time, I will cover:

•            how best to care for your teenage skin.
•            a fast and simple make-up routine.
•            make-up colours which suit your colouring.
•            application tips for a long-lasting look.
•            make-up advice for your special occasions.
•            eyebrow maintenance.
•            party tips.
•            hygiene.

*Workshop prices depend on how many attend and times – please call for a quote.

Best wishes