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Be your own style guruWomen have an average of 14 unused items in their wardrobe per year (The Independent, 7 January 2009)

The shops have been thrusting discounts at us from all sides, but how many of those sale items do you really need or want? Isn’t that ‘bargain’ little dress a lot like the one already hanging in your wardrobe? 

You desperately want to update your wardrobe for Spring but right now there isn’t much of a ‘you’ budget. There is no better time to get some professional style advice to learn how to shop wisely and rework some past pieces. 

These are useful skills in lean times that will last you a lifetime’s shopping and for the cost of one or two of those unworn items in your wardrobe!


Investment sales shopping

When you are happily rummaging through sale items, focus on looking for quality and longevity, not the frivolous and short term. Before you hit the shops, think about what you need, or would really like, to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. 

Sales are great for picking up luxury fabrics and evening dresses, but do make sure they are in your colour and in a cut that suits you and a look that fits your style personality. Good items to look for are coats, suits and trousers in classic styles that will work next year and beyond. Beware of hanger appeal and make sure you try every item on!

A good buy is:

A timeless, well cut and well made item that will last 
regardless of fashion trends

A fabulous luxury fabric item you’ve fallen in love with and can actually now afford

An item in your size that fits you properly

Remember it is far better to walk away from the sales with one great piece rather than bags full of clothes that you will hardly ever wear.

 If you struggle when it comes to choosing the best buys for you then why not invest in a style consultation to help you shop wisely, forever. For further information on style consultations please e-mail

Wardrobe re-vampWe all love buying a new outfit but there is something satisfying about finding a new way to wear something old. You would be amazed at the new outfits you can put together when you know how; the key is to know which colours and styles work for you and how to put them together. 

It isn’t always easy looking at your wardrobe in a fresh light so why not get a little professional help in? To help you economise and make new outfits out of old ones, I can help you go through your wardrobe and help you re-work it to suit you and your budget. Or, why not arrange a clothes swapping party with friends? We all have clothes that we hardly wear but still keep ‘just incase’! These are often items we know just aren’t ‘us’, so why not give them to someone who they will look fabulous on. You could find some great style treasures in your friend’s wardrobes too!