Blog > Black clothes make you look slimmer.

It’s true that dark or black clothes make you look thinner, with black being the most slimming of them all.

That’s presumably why every woman has a little black dress somewhere in her wardrobe!
One reason dark colours have this effect is that they draw the eye away from your body to your head, hands and feet, making you appear taller and slimmer. They also help to hide any bumps or bulges. By contrast, lighter colours emphasise your contours, as they are more likely to produce shadows in light-coloured clothing.
Actually, though, if you want a slimming effect, an even more effective method is to wear the same solid colour from top to toe. The single colour creates an illusion of length, and prevents your body looking as if it has been divided into two at the waist. So, it can be any other dark colour, such as navy, burgundy, charcoal etc.
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