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A lot of people say they can’t wear black, but I beg to differ. With it being Black Friday today I thought it might be useful to pass on some handy tips on how to wear black any day of the week.

How does wearing black clothing make you look slimmer?

In fact it’s true, not only black, but any dark colours can make you look slimmer and thinner – with black being the most slimming of them all. That’s presumably why every woman has a little black dress tucked in her wardrobe, but also black in other key pieces such as jumpers, skirts, trousers etc.

One reason dark colours have this effect is that they draw the eye away from your body to your head, hands and feet, making you appear taller and slimmer. They also help to hide any bumps or bulges. By contrast, lighter colours emphasise your contours, as they are more likely to produce shadows which are more visible in lighter coloured clothing.

Actually, if you want a slimming effect, a more effective method is to wear the same solid colour from top to toe. The single colour creates an illusion of length, and prevents your body looking as if it has been divided in two at the waist.

Can black make me look ill or like a ghoul from the ‘Thriller’ video?

Hell YES! Wearing black when it ain’t great for you near your face, does make you look older, shows up lines, casts shadows around the chin and lower face and makes you look ‘off colour’.

So how would you know if black is best?

I would recommend having a colour consultation to establish whether black works well with your hair and skin tone. But, in a nutshell, if you have dark hair (brunette or darker) or mid to dark brown eyebrows then wearing black very close to your face will probably work because it’s in balance and harmony with your mid to dark hair/features.  For those of you who don’t suit black close to their faces, by all means wear black, but in a way which doesn’t drain your beautiful colouring. Here are a couple of tips as to how:

  • Wear black in lower neck lines to leave enough décolleté on show. For example as a ‘V’ neck, cowl, crossover/wrap and scooped
  • Sheer fabrics also ‘lighten’ black by taking some of the depth and opacity out the colour
  • Texture, weave and shine all help to soften the depth/saturation of  black
  • Wear metal, beads, crystals etc. to make your black outfit flattering. The light will reflect on the metal and beads, giving a lift under your chin and bringing out your natural colouring. So with higher necklines in black, necklaces with shine and in lighter colours, work a treat
  • Use black in accessorises such as pashminas and wraps. These are a foolproof ally to ensure that black works for you regardless of your colouring

I hope that helps and enjoy knowing a bit more about Back to Black without spending a penny.

Best wishes