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Colour Blocking Without Fear
If the latest colour blocking trend makes you feel like running a mile, stop right there!! We have the easy, non-terrifying guide on how to do colour blocking in a way that shows you understand what it’s all about without falling into the pitfalls of high fashion.
Think Style As Well As ColourThe first key element of colour blocking has nothing to do with colour but looks at styles and shapes.

Each garment, whether top, jacket, skirt or trousers, should be plain with no embellishment whatsoever. You are most likely to have some simple pieces like this already in your wardrobe: a red top, a navy blazer or even a pair of colourful shoes. Then you need to decide whether the garment in the colour you like suits you; can you carry off a floor length dress? Do pleats work on you? And so on…

Choosing The Right Colours For YouHere is a simple guide to who can wear what from subtler combinations to seriously bold blocking.

As long as you stick to colours within your palette you can play with opposites (say, red and blue) or make it more subtle by wearing one of your neutral colours (say stone, chocolate or charcoal) with another brighter colour from your palette. The ultimate colour blocking is of course white (your best white of course, say for a shirt) and black (say for the trousers/skirts), together with some bold coloured shoes and handbag this is an easy combination to put together. See below for ideas within your colour palette. (If you don’t know which palette is best for you, now is the time to have that colour consultation you have promised yourself).

LIGHT colouring
Sensible colour blocking: light aqua with stone
Bold colour blocking: dusty rose with light periwinkle
Bolder colour blocking: violet with geranium

DEEP colouring
Sensible colour blocking: emerald green / dark navy
Bold colour blocking: scarlet / purple
Bolder colour blocking: lime / bittersweet

WARM colouring
Sensible colour blocking: lime / camel
Bold colour blocking: purple / bittersweet
Bolder colour blocking: amber / teal

COOL colouring
Sensible colour blocking: light periwinkle / purple
Bold colour blocking: hot pink / royal blue
Bolder colour blocking: duckegg / blue red

CLEAR colouring
Sensible colour blocking: true red / charcoal
Bold colour blocking: bright periwinkle / blush pink
Bolder colour blocking: apple green / true blue

SOFT colouring
Sensible colour blocking: verbena / cocoa
Bold colour blocking: claret / soft violet
Bolder colour blocking: sky blue / emerald turquoise

Bring colour into your look, not only with clothes but with shoes, handbags, nail colour (go for bright reds (within your palette, of course) or if you dare, go for the bright blues, greens and purples too).

A shirt dress becomes part of your colour blocking wardrobe when cinched with a contrasting belt and teamed with a brightly coloured handbag to finish off your look.

Make-up Finishes Your Colourful LookIf you are going for colour blocking with gusto, make sure your make-up stands up too. Your lips in particular should receive special attention. You should opt for the stronger shades in your palette to balance the look.