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February is often thought to be one of the most romantic months of the year, with Valentine’s Day prompting a plethora of red roses, pink hearts, declarations of love and even proposals of marriage. As such, it’s almost guaranteed that wherever you look on the high street during February there will be LOTS of red and LOTS of pink – both colours associated with passion, romance and love.

Red and pink, which never used to be worn together, have recently become an acceptable colour combination. In theory they clash, but when mixed together in the right way they can make a real style statement.

Block Colours

Probably the boldest statement you can make with this colour combination. A red skirt worn with a pink top (or vice versa) is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and needs little else to finish the look. This is definitely one to try if you have a dramatic style personality.

Subtler Shades

Most of us will imagine a bright pink and a vibrant red when we consider these colours, but remember you can opt for paler, subtler shades if you prefer. Powder pink works particularly well if you fall Into the Light colour category and looks beautiful worn with a rich geranium red (best on your bottom half, away from your face).


A red or pink bag, pair of shoes, belt or statement necklace are all good ways to introduce colour into your outfit without it feeling too overpowering. A red bag in particular is a great item to add to your wardrobe as it can lift a simple monochrome colour palette and give it real vibrancy and interest.

Pattern Play

Patterns are the perfect way of incorporating different colours into your look. You might opt for an oriental or floral design, with shades of red, pink and other colours from your palette. This is one for all you romantics out there!

Nail It

The simplest way to add a clash of colour: paint your nails. Pink or red are both great shades to opt for and can provide the subtlest of colour pops to your outfit. Just add a matching lipstick to pull your whole look together.

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