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Now is the time to wear colour
Have you noticed that when people wear colour they smile more? When you wear colour do you suddenly feel more full of life? Colour can have a huge effect on our mood and how others see us too. Now is the time to wear colour, and the shops have plenty to choose from.


Don’t follow the crowd!
It’s so easy to default to our ‘safe’ neutrals, particularly black, but you will find that injecting some colour into your wardrobe is a great confidence booster and it will bring a smile to everyone around you too.
The shops are filling-up with Spring’s striking colours and some of you may find them a little scary, but don’t be afraid to try them on. Wearing colours – the right ones for you- will make you feel younger, more confident and will give you some of that ‘Yes, I can do it’ bravado. Think of Michelle Obama, there are no dull colours for her and she always looks fabulously radiant.
Wearing Red
From geranium to bittersweet red, scarlet to ruby and tomato, there is a red to flatter you and give you an energy boost. Wearing red will bring excitement to your day, will get you noticed and bring a sense of exhilaration. Beware though; don’t wear red if you want to placate someone at work or if you are trying to calm children before bedtime!


Wearing Pink
From baby pink to cyclamen, or coral to fuchsia, pink never fails to bring out the girl in you. Think carefully though before you decide to wear it head to toe. You are better advised to wear it as a top, a print or under a jacket for a work situation. Pink is a great colour to wear when you are feeling ‘off colour’ as it gives a flattering lift to the complexion.


Wearing Blue
Blue is safe, classic, and non-threatening. Most people will feel comfortable and confident wearing blue, however this season you’ll want your blues to be vibrant and have some oomph about them. Don’t make them uniform-like, it’s the season to wear fun, striking blues: think bluebell and lapis.


Wearing Yellows and Oranges
These colours can be a little trickier, but even when used sparingly they can bring a smile to even the grumps out there. Don’t hesitate to bring some sunshine into your wardrobe or accessories.
Wearing Green
There are so many greens, to choose from such as light moss or pine, apple or emerald, that you will find a few which are perfect for your colouring. Green is a strong colour in nature and it conveys a sense of calm and reassurance and can be comforting in difficult times. Wearing green will also show that you have creativity and imagination.


Wearing Purple
From a light lavender to a rich damson there are purple shades which will be perfect for you. Purple conveys a sense of imagination but also sensitivity. If you do feel more confident wearing darker shades, purple is an excellent alternative to black and will certainly give you a sense of glamour.