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Dress Up for Summer

The weather is just one of many things that we need to consider when dressing for an occasion, so don’t leave it until the last minute to decide what to wear. What you must not forget to ask yourself when choosing your outfit is ‘What am I going to feel good in?’

Aside from getting the right fabric, cut, pattern and so on, it’s about wearing what you feel is really YOU and your personality. Having an alternative outfit is also a good idea given the current weather we’re having!

The City Chic Style Personality

Always immaculate and coordinated with fabulous accessories.

You know how to put things together beautifully and you pick your accessories carefully to set off your style. You don’t do pattern often. You wouldn’t be seen dead at an occasion without great shoes, handbag, scarves and jewellery. You will find some elegant wedges this season or the new lower heel in neutral shades that are sure to go with any of your existing collection of handbags.

Michelle Obama has her own style with a little Romantic and Creative in there too, but she always looks fabulously coordinated like every good City Chic!

The Natural Style Personality

Prefers simple, easy to wear outfits; will generally choose comfort over style but can still look fabulous in her earthy way.

It’s easy for Naturals to opt for flat shoes but for dressing up make sure they are pretty ones. A decorated pump or flip flop will make all the difference. Don’t forget to have a pedicure if your toes are on show! A simple blazer in this season’s white or pale cream shades are perfectly understated for you. Bring some colour in with your top or beads if it’s too pale all over.

Natural Gwyneth Paltrow often keeps it simple for occasion wear.

The Classic Style Personality

Your look is timeless, elegant and formal. You don’t like fussy clothes.

You will have some simple, elegant pieces in your wardrobe that you love to bring out time and again, but take care not to be too dull. You’re going to a glamorous 40th birthday bash and the same silk blouse and black skirt won’t cut it. Go for a shift dress in an interesting fabric such as satin and choose a colour you look great in to push your boundaries a little.

Classic Delia Smith steps up her conservative style here in bold red.

The Romantic Style Personality

You relish any opportunity to dress up in a feminine way and love tactile fabrics.

You don’t care what the occasion is, you adore looking pretty and adding lovely details in accessories, frills or sparkle. If you are attending a wedding you must take care not to upstage the bride in the romance stakes. You need to reduce the draping and frills and don’t choose a fabric too akin to a bridal gown. You will love this season’s fabrics, colour and pattern including lace overlay, silks, chiffon, pinks, pastels, dainty florals and whimsical prints.

Nicole Kidman’s long, tousled hair gives her look instant romance. She looks truly at home here in soft ruffles.

The Dramatic Style Personality

Follows cutting edge fashion, loves statement pieces and getting noticed.

Dressing for an occasion lets you show off the fabulous pieces you have bought for the new season. Glamming-up is a doddle for you but you may feel restricted at very formal events. You can add a hint of drama to a conservative outfit with on-trend shoes, a unique hat or statement jewellery to give it the ‘you’ factor. The current trend of bangles stacked up one arm will set off your outfit nicely.

Sarah Jessica Parker is more of a Dramatic than her Creative on screen character and always looks on trend. Note the super-statement ring!

The Creative Style Personality

You love experimenting and combining different styles for your own unique look.

For you, getting dressed every day is a thrill as you never know what you are going to put together until you are standing in front of you wardrobe full of various pieces. Take care not to go too creative for certain special occasions. Your perfect party wear will be something vintage combined with something modern or mixing up patterns. This summer’s graphic, tribal and floral prints will give you lots to work with but don’t overdo the clash, go bold with one print and just a hint of another, perhaps an animal print with a couple of floral brooches.

Gwen Stefani is a fabulous Creative but she tones it down for dressing up.

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