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Brits voted ‘worst dressed on holiday’
According to a survey by “the British have been voted the worst-dressed on holiday”. To be fair to our nation, we’re not accustomed to long hot summers so our wardrobes aren’t geared up for warm weather. We know we need to be cool and comfortable and that often takes priority, but with a little thought and effort we can all be more stylish in the sun.

Think comfort and style
The body swells in the heat so do choose lightweight, natural fabrics but don’t sacrifice style completely for comfort.

Do think about what clothes make you feel good; holidays are for relaxing but also for pampering and feeling good about yourself. Don’t get lazy and fall into the ?baggier is better’ trap. Don’t forget to check out wardrobe style consultation session Anita Feron Clark.

Lighter shades and white can look great in sunnier climates but pastels and beige all over doesn’t work for everyone and can wash you out completely. Don’t forget to take your good colours with you.

You do need shoes that are appropriate for the heat. If you don’t like sand in your toes, wearing socks with your sandals is not the answer! It’s either good flip flops or sandals with no socks, but if you really don’t like them then get some lightweight plimsoles and wear tennis socks that don’t go up the ankle.

What to look for
Don’t assume that everything in your favourite retailer’s holiday range will suit you and that you will find your entire holiday wardrobe in one shop.

Do try to plan your outfits and think about items that can be worn from the beach to the bar. For ladies, a stylish below the knee kaftan in a good colour can easily be dressed up with a change of shoes and some accessories.

Don’t forget that you need to look good on the beach too, just like all the locals do. Do treat yourself to a couple of good bikinis/costumes/swimming trunks and a few good cover-up pieces such as a sarong, shorts, beach dress etc.

Do take some smarter clothes for the town or going out at night. Ladies, don’t forget a bit of a heel, a couple of dresses and some tasteful accessories and gents, some modern short sleeved shirts and a lightweight jacket will spruce up your look.

Do follow the European style example and choose fewer, better quality items that you know you look good in rather than taking masses of clothes and shoes you’re not sure really suit you and are unlikely to wear.

Key holiday pieces

The Kaftan
Still a holiday winner. Good for most body shapes as the fabric is usually fine and glides nicely down both curvy and straight figures. Choose one in a colour that really flatters you. Take care with size and pattern.

The Maxi dress
Even more popular this year. It can be tricky on petites (too much volume or length) or big busts with small hips (sizes that fit the bust will be bigger elsewhere so can add unnecessary bulk) but shop around, there are plenty to choose from. The skirt should be just skimming the floor, not halfway up your ankle or tripping you up.

White trousers
White is big for summer and is a fabulous holiday look. You can go head to toe white if it works for you or team it with your favourite seasonal shades. Choose lightweight cotton or linen and wide leg, palazzo or peg cuts to keep you cool. Take care with the transparency factor and the VPL.

Utitlity, tapered or harem trousers
Don’t panic! You don’t have to don the full army/masculine/desert look, there are simpler variations on these styles. They are airy, comfortable and can be rather elegant. If you are wider on the hips or short in stature then minimise details such as zips, pockets, draping and volume and always wear with a heel. They look great in khaki, stone, grey or white all of which are easy to pair up with colours or metallics.

Do you always struggle with your holiday style?

If you find planning your clothes for holidays hugely stressful you would benefit from some expert advice on managing your wardrobe. Just a couple of hours with me will help you understand what works for you and how to shop smart. You will also learn how to balance keeping cool and comfortable with looking stylish on your holiday.

Capsule Holiday Make-up Bag

If security restrictions on make-up in your hand luggage hasn’t helped you downsize on your holiday cosmetics then you need to review your products.

The Basics
In the sun your face needs extra moisture and protection and ideally you should wear sun block or a very high factor lotion. As we get older our facial skin doesn’t tan as evenly so you will still need a bit of help to even out the tone.

A lighter foundation or even a tinted moisturiser will give your skin extra protection and help balance out any uneven tones.Eye shadow can glide off more easily in the heat so your eye base is an essential

Blusher – you won’t need as much with a bit of a tan but your skin is better off with more make-up and less sun exposure!

Lips and Eyes

Take no more than four eye shadows that you can mix and match and work daytime to night time looks.

You couldn’t do better than taking your colour me beautiful colour box with your 4 eye shades and 2 blushers, all in one easy compact.

One eye pencil – you can smudge a little pencil in the outer corners for daytime or use with your shadows for more definition in the evening.

One mascara – waterproof mascara can last longer on the beach but having your eyelashes dyed is better. You can enhance your lashes in the evening with your mascara.

Two lipsticks, one for daytime and one for evening, or exchange one for a lip gloss if you prefer.

One lip pencil to enhance your evening look or use under a lip gloss.

For tips on how to achieve your holiday make-up looks why not treat yourself to a colour me beautiful make-up session.

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