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bfe20497e39b4e487fe674efe7304ae9_Fotor_CollageI was asked recently what my two passions in life were and I had no problem in replying…fashion and food. I’m not a slave to fashion and contrary to what a lot of my friends and family think, I don’t spend bags of cash on clothes and accessories; I don’t have wardrobes full of clothes, I share one with my husband; and I mainly buy good ‘ole British High Street, designer labels are few and far between. Before I buy anything though, I do ask myself  “have you got one of those already?” And, if the answer is yes, I usually don’t succumb.

My other passion is Food – well, I love to eat it, cook it, share it. Ask anyone who knows me well and they will say “Anita loves to eat and talk about food.” I often share my Indian recipes with friends and family around the world and often have friends over for grub. My young daughter asked me recently, looking rather perplexed “Mummy, why is it when we have  people over, you always cook curry?”. My matter-of-fact reply – “Darling, nobody wants an English when they come to ours”.

Anyhow, where is all this leading? Bethan (my fabulous intern) and I have put together some amazing images of our love of fashion and food on my pinterest boards. Please have a look and let me know what you think. I don’t know about you, but images of food make me salivate and gives me a rumbley tumbley! Happy Weekend x