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Get Back Your Feel Good Factor

So you spent December rushing around thinking about everyone else, now it’s time to focus on YOU. There is no better time to reassess your style and your wardrobe than at the beginning of a brand new year so get ready to kick-start your feel-good factor in 2010 with a positive and confident new you!

How Many Feel Good Outfits Do You Own?
In reality most women have only about 3 or 4 outfits that they really enjoy wearing. Why? Mainly because they believe that looking good costs money or they get into style ruts and make bad shopping choices. When you open your wardrobe you should feel happy with everything you see and know that you will look good every day, not just on the ‘good outfit’ days.

Casual Doesn’t Mean ‘Can’t Be Bothered’!

Casual doesn’t have to mean baggy old t-shirts over badly fitting trousers, you should still feel good about yourself in your dress down clothes. Making your casual wear more stylish doesn’t need to be expensive either, it just needs a bit of thought. Your jeans should always be a good fit and flatter your shape. Wear a top with a bit of interest; it might just be in a fabulous colour or in a cut that looks great on you. Even adding a key accessory can up the ante in your casual style stakes.

A pair of leggings and jumper dress or tunic will look stylish and still be comfy at the same time. Just make sure you get a good quality pair of leggings and that the tunic is an appropriate length and suits your shape. Just a little effort will make all the difference to how you feel, even on the dress-down days.

Size Doesn’t Matter Shape Does…is a colour me beautiful motto. Though you may not feel your best post-Christmas, remember, you don’t have to be a size 8 to look good. Women are meant to have curves, it is natural, it is sexy and it is feminine. Fashion has recently returned to more womanly shapes and being ultra-feminine, so celebrate your fabulous curves, learn how to dress them and enjoy making yourself look fabulous.

Five Steps To A Feel Good Wardrobe
First of all a wardrobe re-vamp is essential. Throw away items with the ‘ugh’ factor. Any items that get the ‘ugh’ reaction must be assigned to charity, friends who look good in them or recycling!

– Pick out the items in your wardrobe that you do like and think about why you enjoy wearing them and what it is about them that suits you.

– Consider your personal style, what do you like your clothes to say about you?

– Learn to understand your body shape and find cuts and fabrics that work with your bodylines.

– When you have done a bit of self-assessment you can start doing some research into finding the right clothes for you. Pick out the retailers that have the styles, cuts and fabrics that suit you.

feron clark style wishes you a feel good 2010!

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