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Pattern is worth investing in if you like it, but (and it’s a big but), you need to choose designs that suit you.

Pattern can add sartorial punch to your wardrobe without having to go overboard and it’s a great way to update your look. So, whether it’s bringing in separates and accessories or choosing one statement piece, don’t be afraid to invest in pattern but do make sure you find the right prints for you.

Choosing prints

The patterns you choose will depend largely on your personal taste. However, picking something simply because you like it doesn’t mean it’s going to suit you. So, here are Colour Me Beautiful’s top tips to consider when choosing pattern:

Your shape
A simple approach to workin out what is best for you is to consider whether you have more straight lines or more curves in your figure. As a general guideline, prints with straight lines such as stripes or graphics work best on straighter bodies whilst rounder, softer shapes work best on curvier bodies.
Your scale
Ideally, you want the size of the pattern to match your build. If you are petite then a large print, like huge flowers for example, will swamp you; stick to small and medium patterns. Larger builds should wear larger patterns. Small prints won’t balance with your build and can make you look larger.

Pattern can detract or draw attention, depending on what part of the body you are wearing it. You need to wear pattern in a way that flatters your shape. If you are a ‘triangle’ shape, for example, you will not want to accentuate your wider hips so pattern on the bottom half is a no-no. You should wear print on your top half, however, as it will draw th eye to your upper body and away from the hips giving the illusion of a balanced shape.

Prints of the season

Key look 1: Stripes
*Small and large stripes together, diagonal stripes, stripes in a range of colours on one garment.
*Ideal for straighter bodies; wear finer stripes in the same colour but different tones if you are more curvy. Avoid stripes across fuller parts of the body. A rounded tummy will ‘disappear’ under a print.
*Find it in dresses, skirts, tops and handbags.


Key Look 2: Oriental Florals
*Softer and fewer flowers; some pieces have a print in one area rather than all over so it’s easier to pull off (but think about where the print sits on your body). This style lends itself to more fluid fabric so looks ultra-feminine.
*Can be a good ‘minimal’ floral option for fuller figures.
*Find it in silky jackets, dresses and tops.

Key Look 3: Polka Dot
*Both large and small spots on everything and in all colours. The season’s look is modern 40’s and 50’s vintage.
*Get the right size of spot and a good colour combination for you. Black, navy, brown or dark beige and white combinations are the classic options.
*Find it in full skirts, fitted jackets, feminine blouses.

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Top Print Tips

*If you just want to dip your toe in pattern then wear the season’s top accessory: the silk print scarf. If you’re not a scarf type of woman then try an animal print bag in a summer colour.

*To keep it understated wear pattern with a very simple top and wear minimal accessories.

*Whatever pattern you go for, make sure it is in your colours!