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Friday Feature: Work wonders for your wardrobeSummer Capsule Workshop

If your wardrobe could do with a declutter, (big clue – it’s full of clothes but you have nothing to wear!) or you just find it hard to mix and match what you’ve got, I can help you  work wonders for your wardrobe with a feron clark style wardrobe style consultation.…

  • First we talk about your body shape, colouring, lifestyle and budget.
  • Then we go through all your clothes and decide what to keep, what to alter and what to throw away (although rest-assured I never make people part with anything they really want to keep!)
  • And finally, having identified what is missing I can give you a detailed shopping list of items to buy and where to buy them.

So simple!  And pre-Christmas is a good time to do this because you will have a ready-made Christmas wish-list by the end of it!  Or if you prefer, you could always ask for a feron clark style gift voucher for Christmas and book an appointment in the New Year.

It costs £95 per hour and usually takes a couple of hours.  For full details please click on this link to my website:

Best wishes,

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