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February is an odd month. We are still in the midst of winter and having worn our winter wardrobe since October we are, quite honestly, a bit fed up with it. The shops are either full of what we didn’t buy last autumn or bikinis we can only currently dream of wearing.

So, what is there to do whilst the coffers are recovering and the waistlines slimming down? GET ORGANISED !

How to Declutter your Wardrobe.

If you find the task too scary to contemplate, why not arrange for Anita Feron Clark to come and help you, it will be so much more fun and efficient!
If decluttering fills you with dread try a simpler exercise: put your clothes together in obvious groups, i.e. skirts, trousers, jackets, tops, dresses and so on and within these groups put them into colour groups, so all the whites, the blues, etc. You will start to see your wardrobe emerging with wardrobe style consultation.

Our dream Wardrobe!

If you already know what colours and styles work for you the task will be a lot easier. The nice thing about a declutter is that we often uncover some forgotten items that we can revive. Ditto for shoes which usually pile up at the bottom of the wardrobe or in a corner of the bedroom whilst we wear the same pair day in, day out. The idea is that you may well have more than you think you have thus giving you more options without any need to spend any money.

Colour Sorting

If you find your wardrobe is a mish mash of colours you’re not sure you really like, you might benefit from a colour analysis. A consultant will advise you on your best colours hence saving you money and time in the short, medium and long term. To find out more about what you can achieve by attending a colour consultation, click here.

The good news as we move towards spring – and don’t miss our March issue for more details – is that there is little change from last spring-summer in terms of fashion. So get last year’s purchases ready for this coming spring: Are the buttons all there? Does anything need to be washed/go to the dry cleaners? Are the hems of those long dresses in good shape or does the whole thing need shortening?

Your heavier clothes should be replaced with layers:

a vest, shirt, cardigan, jacket etc. and you can start peeling off as the temperature rises. If budgets are tight just treat yourself to a new scarf, a new lipstick or a new pair of opaque tights (with some pattern for a change).

* Make sure that the hem stops at a slimming part of your leg – for many women it will be the ankle or just below the knee.

The Lips Have It

Be prepared for the perfect pout! You’ll need to have the right tools at the ready: lip base, lip brush, lip pencil and lipstick/lipgloss (or both).

* Apply a lip base before applying lip pencil

* Fill lip pencil colour all over the lips to deepen shade

* Blot the colour with a tissue and then re-apply colour

Valentine’s Va Va Voom!

It doesn’t matter if you are in a couple or not, Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful excuse to put on a great dress and go out. Whilst we might be bombarded with everything heart shaped and red, it doesn’t mean you have to wear red head-to-toe.

Red is the colour of love; it is also the colour of energy and will make you feel confident on the night, but if red isn’t for you, maybe try pink. From baby pink to fuchsia, this shade will bring out your feminine side and suggests gentleness and empathy.Or, to go with the new season’s fruity theme why not try orange? From subtle apricot to tangerine, these shades show that you are vibrant (from the red tones) and cheerful (from the yellow tones).

The shops are already full of the LRD (little red dress) so if red it has to be, you will be spoiled for choice.

Just make sure you choose the right shade for you and you will have compliments galore!