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I recently took part in a Facebook ‘’ survey, (some may think this is cheesy) called “Which Color Suits The Journey Of Your Life?” This was the result which my friends believe is accurate. Testimonials from clients have also echoed this.







This week I did two very different corporate events which showcased my ‘Green’ credentials. I believe that the event organisers demonstrated similarly ‘Green’ characteristics.

The first event was a two-hour workshop for a local estate agents in Kingston. The director wanted to reward her team for achieving brilliant sales figures this month with a two-hour workshop with yours truly. The objective was firstly, to boost the team’s self-esteem and appearance, focusing on their own ‘personal branding’ through thinking about colour choices, styling, grooming, appropriateness and being current. Secondly, it was about bringing the team together and celebrating success collectively and boosting morale for continued success.

The second event was a fabulous charity fund-raiser organised at L.K. Bennett, Richmond, by The Victoria Foundation. It was a pleasure to give up my time for this worthwhile charity and once again I got to work with, and support my youngest sister (there’s 5 of us!), Rakhi from Bobbi Brown. Other guests included Darling Magazine, and HEADMASTERS, Richmond. Giving away almost £400 worth of gift vouchers for the raffle was the least I could do to help a couple of unsuspecting winners find their colour and style mojo.

So, what I’m trying to illustrate by being ‘Green’ is that when I can, I will endeavour to lead by example, encouraging people I meet to do or look their best and at times get them to dig deep to raise much-needed funds for charities, schools etc. I believe in togetherness by collaborating with other individuals and businesses to help showcase and support their products or services. Finally, I like nothing more than imparting my knowledge of over 20 years’ in the fashion industry in a personable, professional, fun and interactive way.

How my ‘Green’ characteristics help you?

I can help in so many ways:

Holding a charity event and needing a personal stylist to add something a bit different to the evening. Please click here.

A corporate event to say ‘thank-you’ to your team. Please click here.

Helping your business to improve their performance by helping the team look good, which gives them confidence and a positive self image. This leads to improving relations within the business and clients. Please click here to find out more.

A girls’ night in to help friends and family look and dress more confidently as well as fund raising at the same time.

Helping your child’s school or your church to fund raise by organising a style evening full of fun and laughter for all involved.

The list is endless, so if you are interested to find out more, please get in touch.

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