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Make more than a statement

If handbags are your passion then you will choose carefully and invest in a considerable collection. Your handbags are part of your signature style so you want them to show off your personality. A Creative personality might choose something like a Helen Rochfort bag above. A City Chic personality, for example, would enjoy a neat style from a brand like Radley or Osprey.

Final tips

* Try out handbags as you do clothes, checking in a mirror whether the scale, shape and colour work for you.
* Make sure the handbag is suitable for its purpose. You may be wowed by a great design or colour, but if you can’t get all your belongings in it, you will end up not using it.
* Make it easy to find what you need (compartments)
* Ideally you want ones with linings in a light colour to find your items easily. You want to make sure the light coloured lining is easy to clean too.
* When you carry your handbag it will fall near your body so, if you have a large bust, carry your handbag at arm’s length by your leg or by your waist. If you are fuller around the waist and bottom area, avoid handbags dangling at that level and carry them up higher.

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