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How To Fill The Olympic Void
In the ES magazine(10/08/2012) there was a brilliant article about life after the Olympics and I’ve summarised the salient points which I loved:
1. Get High
Your feet have been hibernating in trainers long enough, it’s time to clamber into stilettos.

2. Screen Saviours: Top Three Films
The Sweeney
Take This Waltz
Anna Karenina

3. Purple Reigns
You saw enough of it during the Games, but, happily, purple is here to stay as the big autumn colour. For nails, check out Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Nail lacquer in Purple Velvet.

4. Be XXcited
The album we’ve been waiting three whole years for: Coexist by Mercury Prize-winning Londoners The xx. Guaranteed best use of steel pans you’ll hear all year.

5. Box Fresh: Top TV
After all that running around Stratford, we’re ready to plonk ourselves on the sofa and not move for a while by watching…
Downton Abbey
The Thick of It

6. Expand your waistline
After watching the athletes sweat it out, chances are you’ve worked up a hearty appetite. Thankfully, new branches of our favourite restaurants are popping up all over the place:
Honest Burgers
The Draft House
Beard to Tail

7. Bookending: Top Three Reads
When rush hour returns, bury yourself in new works by JK Rowling, Zadie Simith and Howard Jacobson.

8. Grease up
Watch Grease again – swap your trackie-bs for leather trews, and your sport-chic hoodie for pink satin bomber, because Grease is the word.

9. Feeling nosy
More than 700 buildings in London are open to the public so have a good old snoop aournd for one weekend only and for free (22 and 23 September)

10. Keep cheering! For the paraylmpics
If you were awed by the Olympians, don’t miss the courage and the athleticism of the Paralympians. 29 August- 9 September.