Blog > How To Look Younger and Slimmer for the Party Season

With a hundred and one things to think about as the festive season fast approaches, let me help you look fabulous with my my top ten tips to look younger and slimmer for the party season.

1. It’s the shape and fit that matters

Never get hung up on size, it’s the shape and fit of your clothes that matters. If you wear clothes that are too tight, it will distort your body shape and make you bulge in all the wrong places. Wear clothes that are too big, you could make yourself look frumpy.

2. Underwear

Consider getting your bra size measured before investing in any new party wear. Over 90% of women wear the wrong size! Wearing the right size will improve your posture, define your bust, make you look curvier and boost your confidence. If you have a full bust, try a minimiser bra (great range at M&S) and lower necklines. Invest in some shape wear/spanx/magic underwear and remember to always go up a knicker size.

3. Wear more colour

As we get older, black can look too severe near the face, so consider other dark alternatives like charcoal, chocolate, mulberry, dark green and navy.

4. Jeans

Let’s face it, we all LOVE to wear jeans when we go out and the right fit should hug you in all the right places but not be too tight. If you are getting a ‘muffin’ top, it may suggest the waistband is too tight. Choose the lightest weight denim in the darkest colour for a flattering look. If you have flat hips and bottom, choose a pair of jeans with lots of detail on the waist and hips – it’ll make you look curvier. If you carry weight on your hips, avoid too much detail in this area.

5. Body-lengthening clothes

Everything should be body skimming and the most common misconception is that bigger clothes will make you look slimmer. Layer with lightweight fabrics (think long cardigans, scarves, necklaces) to build a body-lengthening look without the bulk. However, if you are petite (5ft 3” and below) avoid doing this.

6. Add some shimmer and shine

Consider jazzing up your day and evening outfits with light reflecting fabrics and accessories. For example, shiny fabrics like silks, polyesters, rayons, lurex and acetates are great worn with wools or cottons. Alternatively, opt for a shiny scarf or piece of statement jewellery.

7. Choose your fabrics carefully

The weight of fabric in your clothes is key at enhancing all your best ‘bits’ and detracting from other areas. If you have broad shoulders consider lighter fabrics worn layered on the top half. If you have fuller hips then keep the fabric lightweight and dark. If you have flat hips and bottom, consider more structured fabrics.

8. Bat wings

If you’re shy about exposing the top part of your arms, keep them under wraps with a lightweight cardigan, pashmina or jacket. Otherwise, opt for a style of top/dress that has chiffon on the arms – coverage without bulk.

9. Accentuate Your Waist

Show off your assets, especially your waist with a belt.

10. Shoes

Have fun! And remember the shorter the hemline, the lower the heel, otherwise, your‘ll look tarty as opposed to chic. There is the mid-heel, between 1”-2” which looks elegant and sexy and is a comfortable heel height.