Blog > Love Who You Are This Valentine’s Day



I marvel at the natural body confidence I see in my young children. Their thoughts, not yet tainted by self-criticism or odious image comparisons, see only the positives. They have such a natural, unselfconscious joy being who they are. Long may it last.

I wish adults could embrace the same grateful attitude towards their bodies. So few of my clients do, with a tendency to focus on the negatives of their body, as opposed to all the positives. One of my favourite things about being an image consultant, is seeing the confidence of my clients grow as they re-discover that they don’t need to have the perfect figure to feel happy. In fact, they don’thave to change a thing about themselves. Once they learn to dress the body they have, and not the body they think they want, they no longer need to hide who they are and the positive transformation is amazing!

I always say to my clients that acceptance is the first step towards change. Once they can appreciate their body shape, they start to understand what suits them and dressing becomes a real joy and expression of their true personality. Style should be a pleasure and everyone can feel good in what they wear every day, whatever their age, shape, size, lifestyle or budget. Even wearing the right colours near their face and the correct shades of make-up is worth its weight in gold – it’ll make them look younger, healthier and fitter.   

So be good to yourself this Valentine’s Day and celebrate who you are!


Here are some of my body-confidence tips:

·      Change your mindset. We all come in different shapes and sizes so be proud of your uniqueness.

·      Love the body you have and enjoy creating and showing off your style

·      Avoid items that you know don’t suit you and focus on those that do

·      Accentuate the good and disguise the not-so-good; create a ‘balanced’ look

·      Don’t try to dress like someone else, you want to look good as YOU