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Hello ladies

As some of you are aware, in January, I spent three days filming for a programme called May the Best House Win. It will be broadcast at 2pm on Tuesday 26 June – on ITV.

The format of the show is similar to that of Come Dine With Me. However, instead of scoring on cooking skills, the four contestants are scored on their homes – so… style, comfort and the hospitality received. It made for a nerve-wrecking few days, especially as one contestant was, herself, an interior designer!

Your personality can affect the styling of your home – as much as that of your clothes. For example, one of the contestants was such a scream and had a contagious laugh; the fun in her personality was reflected in the fun which she’s had in styling her home – fabulous leopard-print wallpaper. Why not? Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it works for her – and she loves it.

What the programme illustrates is the huge diversity of style and taste. It’s so subjective, but each contestant totally loved her own home. What may be considered as good taste by one is less tasteful in someone else’s eyes. The programme brought home to me the synergy between personal styling and home styling. Our clothes, lifestyle and home décor often draw parallels with our personal styling – and there is something very fascinating about that. For example, a house which is modern, tidy, colourful and well kept is indicative of how a contestant may dress herself. So, your house is an extension of you; as such, it says a lot about your personal style.

Style permeates the way in which we dress and how we wish to dress our homes – these two are so very often interlinked. One can inspire and inform the other.

Maybe, for a variety of reasons, you haven’t realised your ideal personal style yet or, conversely, your ideal interior home style. In the meantime, you may get inspiration and ideas from looking at style icons, your environment, architecture etc – or even from watching May the Best House Win.

It takes time to find the style in which you truly feel comfortable and ‘at home’.

Best wishes
Anita x