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Middle-age spread? Just fake a waist! How clever dressing can make you look slimmer

For every young woman with a slender waist, there’s an older one lamenting her spare tyre. But new research shows there’s a physical reason women lose their hourglass figure as they age and it’s not just too much fatty food or a lack of exercise.

A recent report by the International Menopause Society found that falling levels of oestrogen in menopausal women can cause a shift in fat storage from the hips to the waist. It’s this hormonal change that can create the more matronly, straight up and down figure typically seen in older women.

So, apart from extreme dieting and drastic surgery, what can be done to regain a youthful body shape in middle age and beyond? The good news is there are plenty of fashion tricks which can help. Here’s the link to read the full article:

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