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colour & style consultation

colour and style fashion tips consultation

This is the most popular service I offer. This four hour fashion tips session will cover all the aspects included in the colour and style consultation. You’ll go away knowing everything there is to know about how to look your best – top to toe. To find out what a colour and style consultation includes, please go to the colour consultation page and the style consultation page.

“As an ex-fashion designer, I didn’t think I would learn anything I didn’t know already, but how wrong could I be! I admit since having a family and my changing body shape, I had lost my way a bit and fell into the trap of wearing jeans and dressing for comfort. I have always had an appreciation for beautiful clothes but realised I was making shopping errors, as my wardrobe seemed to be full of items I hardly wear – I chose colours I liked rather than ones that suit me. Anita showed me what colours I look best in, and what styles suits my body shape, she also suggested what make-up colours I should be wearing. That in itself has made a big difference to my confidence, just something as subtle as wearing different coloured make-up, or adding a coloured scarf from my colour palette, I’m now just loving the compliments I’m receiving. This is an investment and will save me money in the long run, as no more buying the wrong colour or style. I can now shop with confidence, that everything I buy, I look good in. Thank you Anita.”
– Sara

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