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personal shopping in Surrey and London

personal shopper service for £100 per hour

personal shopping with a stylist

With many thanks to Jane Trulock at LK Bennett, Bentalls, Kingston
Photographs by Emma Barrow

Why would I need a personal shopper?

Do any of these comments resonate with you?
“I hate shopping, I don’t know what suits me any more?”
“I don’t have time, as there are other priorities”
“I’m getting bored with my look, I tend to shop in the same places”
“I need a fresh perspective, fresh eyes and someone who can take me out of my comfort zone”

For all the reasons above, and many many more, I take clients shopping in London and they LOVE IT! I help them buy wonderful clothes and accessories they love to wear and will continue to wear for many seasons ahead. It isn’t a luxury, it’s an investment in YOU and it will make shopping in the future pleasurable. It will save you time and money in the long run as you’ll no longer make costly mistakes.

How can it benefit me?

You will look your best for your lifestyle, whether that’s for work, smart casual or casual occasions. If you feel confident with your look, your self esteem and outlook improves greatly. With my extensive knowledge of the high street and designer brands, I can take you to stores which have great pieces that will look fabulous on you.

Where would you take me?

I rarely take my clients to designer shops for clothes. They may buy the odd designer accessory, such as a handbag. Generally, most of my clients enjoy shopping in department stores and top-end high street brands in London, West End.

How does it work?

Firstly, I need to establish what you need and why (i.e. your budget, your style personality, your priorities). We can do this in a number of ways: in person, by telephone, meeting, Skype or e-mail. Once I have a clear list of what you need, we will agree to meet at a shopping location. There is absolutely no pressure to spend more than you can afford. I usually arrive an hour before we meet to get items of clothing ready for you to try on at certain stores. While we shop, I’ll go through the basics of style and colour, advising you on how to choose suitable outfits, based on these concepts. We’ll choose outfits for you to try on, or, if you have had a wardrobe revamp consultation, we’ll look for the items on your shopping list. I’ll also advise you on accessories to complement these outfits. By the end of our time together, you will have bought the items you need to create a focused, honed and complete wardrobe full of great things to wear.

How do I pay?

You only pay by the hour for our time together. I do not charge for my research time, coffee or lunch breaks — we all need refreshments!

When is the best time to go personal shopping?

I always avoid the sale season months in London (June, July, August, December and January) as there isn’t enough choice in styles and sizes. So any time in the remaining 7 months of the year is a good time.

What about another shopping service?

If you can’t spare the time to go personal shopping in London, or would prefer a different approach, then my Inbox Outfit (PUT IN LINK) service is perfect for you.