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Photographs by Emma Barrow


I am able to present on a wide variety of subjects, whether to a school, charity, small or large business, church group etc. It is an excellent way of providing people with an engaging topic during their lunch hour or in the evening. In addition, it can provide much-needed funds for the host. For example, in the last five years, I have helped over fifteen schools to raise hundreds of pounds.

“We had Anita come to do a Style Evening at our school one evening for 50 parents. She was excellent, the feedback from the attendees was so good we have decided to invite her back again every year. The ladies enjoyed her presentation which was informative about individual colours and styles and also she gave excellent current fashion tips. She is professional and her services are highly recommended.”
– Jenny

Some of the presentations have been:

‘Dress for Success’

Given the current economic climate, with redundancies happening across the board in many industries, dressing well and maintaining a professional image can give you an edge at work. It can help you retain your job, as well as get that all-important promotion. Here, we look at what’s best for you.

In addition, as an employer, it is vital your workforce provide a good image/interface to your clients in order to maintain existing clients, draw in new clients and ultimately, increase the company’s profile and sales in the process.

‘How to make the right impression at your interview’

There are more applicants for each job than ever and it’s especially tough for new graduates What you wear can make a huge difference to your prospects.

‘Women returners’

Increasingly, women are finding that they need to return to work to supplement the household income. Many may not have worked for some time and need help to create the right impression in an interview and in the job. We can make you look professional and credible when returning to work.

‘New year; new you’

How best to beat post-Christmas blues, by making some changes in styling. Wearing the right colours, knowing what shape of clothes to wear, to flatter your figure – plus other top tips. It’s all well and good getting a gym membership and losing weight, but we look at making sure that your clothes reflect the slimmer, leaner you.

Basically, I can tailor make a presentation according to my clients’ requirements. Prices vary according to the brief.