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Why might I need this service?

Does this sound familiar “I only wear a small fraction of my clothes most of the time.” Alarmingly, women only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. Many clients have far too many clothes that they aren’t wearing for a number of reasons and therefore, cannot see ‘the woods for the trees.’ They find it difficult to mix and match, put interesting outfits and colour combinations together. Hence, I am called in to help. The main part of our time together will be dedicated to going through your wardrobe and showing you how you can wear more of your clothes. There maybe huge gaps in your wardrobe, however, by investing in key pieces which you will wear for more than one season, you will get more wear out of your existing and new clothes. I offer a fresh perspective and fresh eyes to your wardrobe and will give you so many top tips that you may not have considered.

How will you know what I need in my wardrobe?

Before we start your wardrobe revamp at your home, I will establish a few key points – your colouring, your body shape, your lifestyle and your budget. I will make sure everything that is left in your wardrobe is perfect for based on this. Don’t worry, I don’t force clients to throw items out, until replacements can be found.

What does this involve?

Fifty items of clothing can create an amazing selection in your wardrobe – and I try to make the best of what you have, by putting clothes into three distinct piles:

Pile 1 – which items to keep: they are right for colour and your body shape

Pile 2 – which items you might keep: they aren’t quite right – can we make them work, if they were worn with something different or altered?

Pile 3 – clothes which must go: they are wrong for colour and shape

This will include shoes, bags, jewellery , etc. Don’t worry, I never pressurise my clients to throw away their clothes.

What will I be left with?

By the end of the session, you’ll have clothes which are perfect for you. However, there will be gaps as you may have key items or key colours missing. I’ll put together a precise shopping list for you (by colour, item and where to buy it) which will help you plug the gaps. All you need to do is go shopping with your list and buy the items.

What if I am struggling with finding the missing items I need to complete my wardrobe?

I can offer two additional services to help you with this. Firstly, the Inbox Outfit style file will give you a fantastic list of 25 items I have personally selected following your wardrobe style consultation, so I know exactly what your missing. Secondly, I can take you personal shopping for a couple of hours. Please have a look at both these pages to find out more.

How do I prepare for your visit?

I will send you an e-mail which states step-by-step what you need to do to prepare for my visit. This will save you time and money.

When is the best time to do this?

Most clients have seen me twice to sort out their spring/summer wardrobe and autumn/winter wardrobe. However, we can cover your entire wardrobe in one session.

How long will it take?

That will depend on how many clothes or how many wardrobes full of clothes you have! Usually though, it would be between 2 and 4 hours.

Want to book this consultation? Just get in touch with Anita via the contact form:

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