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Shoes for Spring
Former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos’s notorious shoe collection consisted of a whopping 3400 pairs of shoes, spanning 782m in length lined up, which is the height of two Eiffel Towers. You’ll be pleased to hear, I only possess 30 pairs(!).
•The average British women own 24 pairs of shoes 
•90% of women say they have at least 2 pairs of shoes they’ve never worn: Impulse buying! 
•The biggest reason for shoes no longer being worn are: the heels are too high: the shoes are too tight; they are too painful; and are no longer fashionable 
•4 out of 10 bought shoes for special occasions and then never worn again 
•50% of women hold on to shoes they don’t wear anymore 
That’s lots of dosh (and space) being spent on shoes that don’t get worn, aren’t comfortable, don’t fit or aren’t in fashion anymore. Look after your feet and NEVER compromise comfort for fashion. Also, if you do a lot of walking think about wearing cushioned shoes/trainers to and from places and carry your other shoes in a bag to change into. 
So consider having a capsule range of eight shoes which should see you through spring and summer:
1. Flat closed toe: great for all-day walking as long as the sole is cushioned and flexible. Try M&S Insolia and Clarks.
2.Trainer/pump: Adidas do a super range which look sporty, stylish and chic with most outfits.
3. Flat strappy sandal: avoid feet getting hot and sweaty in the summer by allowing your feet to breathe. These look great with shorter hemlines and 3/4 trousers.
4. Heeled strappy sandal: lovely with skirts and dresses which sit below the knee.
5. Smart mid-heel work shoe: go for a mid-heel for all-day comfort.
6. Going out shoe or shoe boot: you could go for a higher heel here as you may not be doing a great deal of walking from ‘car to bar’.
7. Ankle boot in brown or tan: great casual look with skirts and dresses in the summer.
8. Knee-high boot: we may still have the odd chilly evening or an outfit that just looks amazing with a knee-high boot. Make sure they fit snugly around the calves as baggy boots isn’t a chic look.
Good luck and stay stylish and comfortable.
Best wishes
Anita x