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This is one of many videos I will be sharing with you to help you look good and feel fabulous every day. I often get asked about the best shoes to wear with cropped trousers. Basically cropped or ankle grazer trousers end just above the ankle. The best shoes to wear are those that show off ones ankles and are either flat, low or a medium height heel. Ankle boots and high heels just don’t cut the mustard. I hope you like the video and I hope it helps you make good footwear choices to wear to with your cropped trousers and look and feel great.

Video transcript:


I’m Anita I’m going to talk to you about the best footwear to wear with cropped trousers. So cropped trousers sometimes referred to as tapered trousers or ankle grazers generally end just above the ankle does. So there are lots of different shoes that look good and my favourite have to be kitten heels. So the whole reason why you would wear a cropped trouser is because you need to show off your ankles so there’s no point wearing a shoe that hides them. These are my favourite and in the summer with your cropped trousers why not go for a low heel with a peep toe or the other lovely look is with a cropped trouser go for a low to medium heel. So the flat shoes that work really well are things like clogs, loafers, moccasins, ballet pumps. Anything flat looks good and you can wear them with or without socks.


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