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Too Many Clothes, Nothing To Wear?
New season doesn’t have to mean lots of new clothes, you can take old clothes and make them new season! You just need to be resourceful and organised. Revamp your wardrobe with my wardrobe style consultation session.

A survey by Matalan in The Daily Telegraph showed that ‘The average female will spend 287 days rifling through her wardrobe”. Sound like you?

We all get bored of our clothes and think that buying something new is the answer, but it’s time to change old habits. Don’t go spending until you’ve learned to shop in your own wardrobe.

Start Shopping….

Get Organised

It’s easy to get lazy, but if you have a proper sort through your clothes you are guaranteed to find at least four new outfits. Reorganise your wardrobe into sections (like in a boutique!) and it will save you at least 15 minutes every morning.

Find Your Inspiration
Find pictures of the new season’s looks and compare them with your wardrobe. Pull out as many styles and colours as you can that look similar to the latest trends and put them into piles such as ‘tailored’ or ‘pattern’ etc.

Have Fun!
Don’t think of it as a chore, think of it as shopping for something new and allow yourself to experiment with different looks. You will find it fun and a lot more rewarding when you realise how much mileage you can get out of what you already have.

Borrow a Fresh Eye
If you’re really stuck then grab a friend or two and get them to ‘shop’ with you. Other people often see something fabulous in a piece that is old and boring to you.

Get Expert Help
Getting a style expert in is not as extravagant as you might think. When you consider how money you spend on wrong purchases and how much time you spend over what to wear, getting advice on what really works for you means a fully functional wardrobe, easier shopping trips and saving money in the long term.

A colour me beautiful Full Image Consultation will give you all the advice you need to be a stylish dresser and a savvy shopper. Or, as a first step to finding your style, you can book a Wardrobe Weeding session or a Style Update.

Old Pieces for a New Season

Shift Dress
The shift is always around and this season it has some new twists. All you Classics and City Chics out there should have at least three shift dresses in your wardrobe. Bring them up to ‘now’ with a few tucks, tweaks or seasonal accessories.

Shoulders, Puffs and Frills
Romantics can bring out old favourites and add more frills! Big shoulders can be fun but make sure they work for you. Naturals can take the boyfriend style and make the shoulders more relaxed; Dramatics may want to go more angular and Classics might go neater on the tailored styles.

Naturals should have a good black or brown leather jacket. Keep wearing them, you’ll be bang on trend. Dramatics and City Chics may have a leather skirt or pair of trousers lurking somewhere; now is the time to revive them!

Satin, Sequins and Sheer
Romantics will love making the most of the feminine luxury fabrics adorning their wardrobes. Dramatics will love bringing back the 80’s sequins and Creatives should have some interesting vintage pieces to dust off.

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