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Spring/Summer shopping – Don’t D.I.Y


I thought you might be interested in Caroline Ware’s story; she is one of my clients and has kindly written this article about her experience using a personal shopper for the first time!

“Just after the summer holidays, I had one of those crises moments women get about their clothes. I had too many, they all looked dreadful and nothing mixed and matched. I ended up wandering around Oxford Street aimlessly, not knowing where to start as I felt so overwhelmed by the choice.

A friend of mine told me about a personal shopper, called Anita Feron Clark, whom she had used in the past and how she would come around the shops with me and make suggestions about what I should wear. Although I had previously thought that having a personal shopper seemed so self-indulgent, not something normal people do, I remembered the same friend at our recent college reunion. She had come to the event wearing a stunning emerald green dress, a colour she had never worn before, and she looked like the belle of the ball. ‘You look gorgeous!’ I had told her and her reply? ‘I went to a personal shopper – it’s the best thing I ever did.’ She then went on to tell me how she felt so good about herself and how she looked, that she thought the experience was worth the money 10 times over.

And so I took the plunge. I called Anita and we had a chat over the telephone about my lifestyle, my budget, what clothes I really needed and so on. I also emailed her some additional details and a recent photograph and before long, I found myself with Anita in Westfield Shopping Centre for the best part of three hours! Anita had done an hour’s prep prior to our meeting (from the information she had gleaned) and had lots of lovely clothes waiting for me in the fitting room to try on. I came away beaming, clutching shopping bags and knowing that for the first time ever I was the owner of a functioning ‘capsule wardrobe’. It was the best money I had ever spent. Thank you Anita.”

feron clark style: personal shopping service – so how can I help you?

By giving you the time and confidence to look and feel good.

Whether you have a meeting, a work do or a parents’ evening, you’ll know exactly what to wear because an expert has told you. You will feel confident and have all bases covered. What’s more, you’ll have no need to go out and buy any more clothes, saving you both time and money in the long term.

To get the top picks from this season the best time to shop is in February and March. If you would like to treat yourself to one of my personal shopping services I would love to hear from you. Simply contact me on or 07799 856544 and see how I can help transform your life.