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My Team

bethan-style assistant

Bethan Reen – Style Assistant

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’. A mantra I personally live by and it has become my goal to help other people also realise the beauty of dressing to suit to your body and your personality, and not just to conform to unflattering, fleeting trends that get pushed upon us all.

I have worked for Anita for over 2 years now and she’s one of the best employers I’ve ever had, In her I have found not only a mentor, but a fellow fashion lover and enthusiast, who’s dedicated to giving men & women the help they need to always look their best and she is ready to give 110% no matter the task.

My own background is in fashion & retail, studying at London college of fashion and then having worked for many different clothing brands, and subsequently since becoming a personal and commercial stylist. Through this, I have attained a wide range knowledge of what the high street has to offer, and am here to help impart my know-how into finding what will specifically suit and flatter you, not only making you look good, but most importantly feel good.

fiona wellins

Fiona Wellins – Marketing Manager

My love of great style comes from my mum. She has always known how to make the most of herself on a low budget and at 79, she still has a better sense of style than many!

After my mum, Anita is my style guru. Working with Anita isn’t like work at all, it’s inspirational, educational and fun. Anita has learned her trade but she has a natural talent for great style and can spot a good garment, put together a fabulous outfit (to any budget) and know what will look good on you in her sleep!

I have worked in a range of sectors including media, sport and food with some high profile companies and moved into the style and image business by accident several years ago. I worked in marketing with Colour Me Beautiful where I learned an enormous amount about style and confidence, and that’s where Anita and I met.

I currently work freelance in marketing and business support to entrepreneurs and SME’s and am very lucky to work in fields that I love with inspirational people like Anita. It’s not just about the fashion and shopping, it’s about understanding what women (and men) need in their wardrobe to suit every aspect of their lifestyle and helping them find their unique style.

Not only do Anita and I love all things style, we love good food, good people and good conversation. Anita makes a mean curry, has some hilarious stories and is a great friend and mum. She takes her work seriously, but she doesn’t take herself seriously – there is a lot of hard work going on but she is passionate about people and there is always time for a chuckle. And incase you’re not convinced, check out her photo cooking curry in her shower cap : )