Jill Bennett“Thank you for the workshop last Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. You present so well in a lovely natural way and you make it fun and interesting.”
– Jill Bennett, Independent Consultant, Arbonne.
June, 2015

Debbie Blott, Founder of The DecorCafe Network“I need to look great for my business (and life in general actually!) but I never seem to have the time to go shopping and so I really appreciated your flexibility in putting together a fun and efficient two hours to whizz through all the things I need. I came away with great tips and ideas, a new perception of my body-shape and, most important to me, a tailored list of online sources. You really have a talent for helping people to look good and feel great. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.”
– Debbie Blott, Founder of The DecorCafe Network
May, 2015

“As an ex-fashion designer, I didn’t think I would learn anything new, but how wrong could I be! I admit, since having a family and my changing body shape, I had lost my way a bit and fell into the trap of wearing jeans and dressing for comfort. I have always had an appreciation for beautiful clothes but realised I was making shopping errors, as my wardrobe seemed to be full of items I hardly wore. I chose colours I liked, rather than ones that suited me. Anita showed me what colours I look best in, and what styles suits my body shape and what make-up colours I ought to be wearing. That in itself has made a big difference to my confidence, just something as subtle as wearing different coloured make-up, or adding a coloured scarf from my colour palette, I’m now just loving the compliments I’m receiving. This is an investment and will save me money in the long run, as no more buying the wrong colour or style. I can now shop with confidence, that everything I buy, I will look good in. Thank you Anita.”
– Sara

“Knowing now which colours and styles work best for me has made shopping for clothes a pleasure and given me total confidence when choosing what to wear. Anita gives warm, professional and expert guidance and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
– Max

“The presentation was a great fun night out. I treated my mum to one and we had such a great time due to Anita’s fun, vibrant and informal presentation. She knows her stuff too! The colour section was fascinating. A great girls night out and you take practical knowledge away with you.”
– Sam

“Anita Feron Clark knows clothes. What makes her amazing is her ability to build rapport with someone quickly and to understand what simple touches can make a big difference. It might be a colour, a texture or a fabulous accessory. Anita is not only incredibly knowledgeable (and really good fun), but she brings a wealth of intuition, common sense and real respect to a session. As a fellow image consultant, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Anita on numerous professional functions. If I were putting my image in someone’s hands (and I’ve told Anita this), she’d be on my list.”
– Dr. Mandy Lehto, coach, corporate trainer and image professional

“Anita is a true professional when it comes to colour. A warm welcome to a fun filled workshop full of fabulous information on the perfect colours for you, make up tips and demonstrations as well as honest advice on hair colour. I wasted no time in totally changing my hair colour (booking my hair appointment the very same day!) and have so many compliments on how well I am looking.. A total joy – loved every minute – eagerly waiting for dates on the next styling workshop…”
– Harriet de Wolff

“Anita Feron Clark hosted an informative and fun Healthy Ageing workshop at her very elegant Surrey home. She wanted to empower her clients with additional tools on how to look good and feel great at any age, and so invited me to explore the topic of nutritional impact on ageing. We learned a great deal about how to age better by selecting nourishing foods and developing more balanced lifestyle practices. Thank you Anita for keeping us glamorous – inside and out.”
– Jackie, Nutritional Therapist

“I took my mother to see Anita to be inspired with new colours as the whole of her wardrobe appeared to consist of pink and pale blue. Not only was Anita so lovely with my mother but incredibly professional and knowledgable and had a great eye for what was right for her. My mother now looks 10 years younger and is loving all the compliments. “
– Annie Armitage, Professional Photographer

“It was a pleasure to have Anita at our White Stuff HQ and we all felt like we learnt so much from her. People have been coming up to me saying how much they enjoyed her talk.What she doesn’t know about colour and style isn’t worth knowing. She gave me a great excuse for a wardrobe revamp (who knew I suited chocolate and dark green?) and goodness knows, I’m always grateful for a shopping opportunity. A wonderful, knowledgeable speaker and overall style guru.”

– Bianca, Creative Copywriter

“Thank you so much Anita for help and professionalism, what a fantastic Client Event and Launch party at Luxe Beauty Lounge (TONI&GUY Leatherhead). The clients absolutely loved you and couldn’t wait to have their “colour me beautiful” consultations done with you. We look forward to seeing you again soon, when we hope to have another Autumn event. The advice was amazing! Thanks, Charlene & my team at TONI&GUY Leatherhead & Luxe Beauty Lounge”
– Charlene

“I am a hair and beauty therapist and therefore understand the importance of looking and feeling good. I recently organised a charity event alongside L.K. Bennett in aid of Look Good Feel Better, a charity which runs skincare and make-up workshops for women suffering the physical effects of cancer treatment. Anita generously volunteered her services and provided colour analysis advice to many of my guests during the evening. Her approach, whilst very professional, was extremely warm and she made each individual feel special. Her presence definitely added to the success of the evening and a number of my own clients are keen to seek her professional advice further. I would highly recommend Anita.”
– Clare, Hair and Beauty Therapist

“I called Anita in a panic as I had a really important meeting coming up and I was appearing in a photo shoot for Good Housekeeping. But I had nothing to wear. She came to my rescue. I am extremely busy and have no time to shop, so Anita shopped for me and came back with armful of clothes. I popped over to her house, tried on the clothes and she gave her advice on each outfit and in just a couple of hours I had a whole new wardrobe. It was as easy as that. Anita’s service has been one of the best investments I have made – both for me personally and for my business too. I trust her taste implicitly and would happily have her shop for me any time. She just knows what works.”
– Jane Michell, Nutritional Weight-Loss Consultant

“We had Anita come to do a Style Evening at our school one evening for 50 parents. She was excellent, the feedback from the attendees was so good we have decided to invite her back again every year. The ladies enjoyed her presentation which was informative about individual colours and styles and also she gave excellent current fashion tips. “
– Jenny

“I ordered most things on my Inbox Outfit style file and have kept nearly EVERYTHING! Overall, it was great to get a selection of clothes I might not have looked at, especially some of the less expensive items from Mango (surprisingly nice). I feel like I have got a good varied wardrobe to go back to work with, just need this sunshine to continue! Overall, I would definitely do it again for autumn/winter. I think it will be a way to save time, control my spending and get a more complete organised wardrobe each season. I have returned to work after a year’s maternity leave and my outfits have worked well. Getting dressed up is definitely a positive to going back to work and receiving lots of compliments! Thanks so much to both of you and please get in touch when you think it is a good time to do next season.”
– Josie 

“Anita has transformed the way I shop! I now carry around my personal colour chart every time I go shopping and I am more experimental and confident in choosing colours I would not normally pick. Anita also recommended suitable colours for my make-up which was a bit of a revelation. Anita is very knowledgeable in her field and very professional. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.”
– Kashmira, Graphic Designer

“I realise now how much money I’ve wasted on impulse buys. So, it was so exciting to receive my spring/summer Inbox Outfit style file. I see it as an investment and not a luxury as I wouldn’t have chosen any of the items in it, had I been left to my own devices, but I ordered almost all of them and absolutely love them. As a working mum of two small boys, I have very little time for shopping, so it was great to be able to click on the link in the style file and be taken straight to the item in my size on the shop’s website. The colours and fabrics are gorgeous and I feel amazing in them. I’m so impressed with how personalised my style file is and how well many of the items go with each other. Everything feels really easy to wear and stylish without looking like I’ve made a big effort! I love this service and have recommended it to lots of my friends. I’m already looking forward to receiving my autumn/winter style file.”
– Laura

“My aim was to move away from always wearing black and bring more colour into my wardrobe. I spent a great couple of hours with Anita (who is very knowledgeable and personable in her approach), running through my colours, make-up and style. I found the whole experience really valuable and worthwhile. I have already applied her advice and I am wearing lots of colours and buying clothes that suit my body shape. I have yet to find my perfect red dress but I am on the case. A really enjoyable experience. Thank you.”
– Sally

“My clothes have arrived and I am so pleased with them. I just wanted to say thank you so much, they look amazing. I would never have considered some of the items and the colours if I had been out shopping on my own.”
– Jessie

“Anita did a colour and style consultation for me just before I went back to work after my second baby. It was a massive confidence boost to know I would be looking great as I re-entered the world of work. Since then I’ve used her several times for personal shopping. Within 2 hours we buy enough beautiful clothes to last me a season: something it would take me 3 days on my own. As a working mum saving that much time is brilliant and I always come away with outfits I love. She’s also helped me a couple of times with special occasion outfits (for my brother in law’s wedding and my 40th birthday party). She’s fantastic at getting me to buy something more daring than I could on my own and I get tons of compliments! Anita has a very special way of helping you to look great and feel fabulous: highly recommended.”
– Isobel

“Anita, yes, I’d definitely say the Inbox Outfit service has been worthwhile overall. It’s very good value for money, especially when combined with the wardrobe revamp. Hopefully I should be able to ask you to do another Inbox Outfit for me in the autumn. I really liked how easy it was to click onto the links of all the items on the pdf and also that there were pictures of everything on the pdf itself. I do think that you have the best websites of all the London personal stylists I’ve seen. Getting your colours “done” is still very much associated with the type of thing Bridget Jones’ mother would do, but what you do (and they way you present it on your website) is not at all like that. Women my age tend to want some help looking “current” and not too frumpy (nor too “mutton dressed as lamb”), as we don’t spend as much time as we used to browsing shops, reading fashion magazines and hanging out in trendy bars. You seem to have a knack for judging that really well. I’ll definitely recommend you to any friends who express an interest (or maybe give them a voucher for their birthday).”
– Maddy