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Despite the cold snap this week, we have had some warm days presenting us with the ‘tights or no tights’ dilemma, and there will be more of that to come.

After months of being covered up, we generally can’t wait to peel off layers and get our legs out.  The question is, do our legs look decent enough to expose and is it appropriate to bare them?

Autograph tights

You probably haven’t given your legs much attention over winter, and whilst a bit of fake tan covers a multitude of blemishes, it’s not the ultimate solution.  All skin tones can suffer imperfections, so make sure you exfoliate and moisturise and shave smoothly or wax so your legs look their absolute best.

In the work place, bare legs are debatable and I would always opt for tights, unless it is the height of summer or you work in a sector with a more relaxed dress code. So, the next dilemma is: which tights?  One flesh colour does not fit all!

Fortunately, tights manufacturers have become much more accommodating and you can find a ‘nude’ shade for a range of skin tones. Where to find them? Most good department stores.  However,  I highly recommend  Marks and Spencer Autograph Bare Invisible Tights which are fabulous and now my most valued wardrobe item!  The shade I use is ‘Suntan’.  They really do what it says on the pack and give your legs a ‘flawless finish’.

So, at work or events wear nude tights that match your skin tone.  When it is appropriate to get your pins out, make sure you have given them some extra care so they look in tip top condition.