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To pants. Specifically: mine. There’s been a lot of Marks & Spencer bashing recently, because its clothes look like they’ve been made for menopausal housewives on the charity barbecue circuit. Branches are empty and echoing, like a charred, nylon Srebrenica. Their cardigans are too “flappy”, the dresses too “unsleevy”. But! I still love their knickers. There’s nothing like the no-nonsense thwack of a pack of three no VPL knickers. Those threatening piles of synthetic pink tangas at Primark? Yuck. Or Topshop’s little-girl horrors? A bit too “preloved” for me, thanks. Marks and Spencer pants are neither flappy nor unsleevy, they’re just cosy and nice, like the Muppets or Phillip Schofield. (source Style, The Sunday Times, 22 July 2012)