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On The Case
For most events in life a little planning can go a long way and that goes for your holiday packing too. The last thing you want as you anticipate your well-earned break is a stressful week of packing…then unpacking, then re-packing!So, before you even dig out your suitcase you need to draw up a basic list. Write a column for every day of your trip and for each day write down what you might be doing (sightseeing, sporting activity or just relaxing). In each column write roughly what you are likely to wear. This will quickly show you that you can wear the same pair of trousers or skirt, for example, at least twice and that you can pack lighter than you think.


Begin With The Basics
Your basics are those items that you will wear more than once such as a pair of trousers, a skirt and a jacket. Use your list to pick out these basic pieces and lay them out on your bed. You may want most of these basics to be neutral or a mix of neutral and colours, depending on your preferences.When your selection is laid out on the bed you can work out different outfit combinations and therefore you will see which items will be the most versatile. Along with the basics you should have a couple of cotton tops for daytime and two that you can wear day or night which should be something a little more ‘special’, perhaps with a little extra detail, that you can dress up or down. You most definitely want a couple of dresses in two different, fabulous colours.

Capitalise On Colour
Holidays are the perfect opportunity to really enjoy wearing colours as they always look more fabulous in sunnier weather and we’re not limited by work dress codes. Don’t feel you have to be ‘matchy, matchy’, clashing colours can look fabulous.Some great colour combinations this season are orange and pink or purple with green or turquoise. If clashing your clothes is a little too much for your taste just bring strong colours in to your accessories. A great pair of green shoes and matching handbag and a chunky orange bangle will set off a neutral outfit beautifully.White can be a super neutral against a tan, but check whether you suit a bright bluish white or a softer creamy white against your skin. To get your colours right it’s important to select the right ‘shade’ or ‘tone’ in each of your best colours so that they really complement your colouring.  Seek expert colour advice from feron clark style and you will look fabulous in your best colours this holiday and every holiday.
The Week Beach Holiday List
Here is a basic packing guide to make your planning easier. Assuming laundry is not available you will need the following:
*1 pair of jeans
*1 pair of cropped or soft palazzo trousers
*1 pair of shorts (neutral)
*1 skirt (neutral)
*2 dresses (2 different colours)
*1 kaftan (colour-for beach or over trousers during the day)
*2 daytime cotton tops/t-shirts (different colours)
*2 smarter tops/t-shirts (different colours)
*1 cotton strappy top (white or colour)
*1 summer cardigan OR pashmina (either can be a neutral
or a colour)
*1 light summer jacket (neutral)
*1 pair of flip flops (colour)
*1 pair of comfortable shoes (e.g stylish trainer or ballet
pumps in a good colour or a neutral)
*1 pair of pretty sandals (neutral or a strong colour that
matches or clashes well)
*1 pair of heels (neutral or metallic or bol colour)
*3 bathing suits/bikinis (in most flattering colours)
*1 hat (good colour or neutral)
*4 days of underwear (you’ll do a wash every other day)
Take at least one colour set and one neutral; include a
strapless bra)
*1 town/evening bag (matching/clashing well with colour
shoes or neutral)
*1 travel bag which can double up as a beach bag