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Tying the knot

Do you know someone close to you who is getting married? Better still, are you lucky enough to be invited as a wedding guest? If so, please read on…Hot on the heels of Valentine’s Day is the advent of the annual bridal fairs, now taking place all around the UK. Possibly the most important piece of clothing a woman will ever buy in her life (and with a price tag to match), the average wedding dress is estimated at £1,590*.

Looking for the perfect colour and shape to flatter you can be either an exhilarating shopping experience or a daunting task which you just don’t feel confident tackling on your own.

You really can look amazing, regardless of your budget: dresses from £300 can be just as gorgeous as those at £3,000 – what matters are the right colour and shape for you. Did you know that white and ivory come in at least 12 shades? The correct shade for you will depend on your skin tone, not on the ones in which the shop assistant has surplus stock and wants to flog. When you choose the correct shade, it can make your complexion radiant and healthy.

I have worked with brides-to-be, mothers-of-the-bride, sisters and best friends, relatives and other wedding guests who, as part of the bridal party, all want to look amazing at a wedding. By investing a little time and money up front (as little as £75), you can ensure that everyone feels a million dollars on this magical day. With the average wedding now costing £21,000**, it is a small price to pay for professional, impartial and honest advice from which you will benefit for years to come.

With feron clark style, help is at hand. When Liz, a client of mine, recently asked me to take her and her daughter, Laura, shopping for a wedding dress, the experience surpassed all of their expectations:

“Thank you, Anita, for your invaluable help on Friday. You made it such an easy and stress-free occasion. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned a lot from you. I adore the dress – and the fact that it looks so individual and romantic will appeal very much to my daughter’s fiancé.
“Berketex was a really great choice on your part. Although I was a little apprehensive at first, by the time we left, I felt just as if we were leaving friends. I feel totally confident that Berketex will look after Laura on future visits. Once again, sincere thanks for your help and genuine enthusiasm. What you achieved in one hour was remarkable – and I very much doubt that, without you, we would have found that particular dress. With our original budget at £3,000, the fact that the total outfit bill came in at under £1,500 is astonishing and the absolute icing on the cake!”

So, let me help you to think outside of the box. All bridal services are tailor made to your specific requirements. Some of the popular services which I offer are:

  • Bridal colour and style consultation, for any bridal-party member, with a popular combination being a joint bride-to-be and mother-of-the-bride. This also includes a complimentary service to find colours to complement the groom.
  • Hen-party-style evenings, with a difference – a fun and interactive workshop to help friends and family all to look their best.
  • Express colour and style for a wedding guest – only £75.
  • Wedding sounding board – I can chat to you, over the telephone, or visit your home, to help you to finish off an outfit, if you already have the dress/accessories, but are unsure about how to pull it together.
  • Bridal shopping – I will discuss your exact requirements with you, such as your size, likes, dislikes, budget, colour and theme for the big day (from romantic fairytale, modern-day chic or vintage country to minimalist elegance). I will then research and put together a selection of dresses to try which I consider perfectly fits your wishes and, more important, which I consider you will love.
So, why not let me do the leg-work and help you to save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds to get your wedding colours and styles absolutely spot on? Treat yourself, your daughter, sister or your best friend to the perfect wedding gift.
For more information and costs, simply contact me: 07799 856544 |*
**The Observer, August 2010