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Looking Stylish Whilst Cooking a Curry

Video Transcript:

When I have an hour or two to spare between clients, I’ve got to cook a curry for the family in the evening or if I am having friends coming around. So before I see the next client I don’t want to be smelling of curry in my hair and in my clothes so I have a magic trick. Put on my shower cap and my housecoat and then I can cook without smelling of spices and without staining my clothes. And then once I made the curry chop-chop-chop fund it in there. I’m ready. I whip off my shower cap, whip off my housecoat, take my hair down and I’m ready to see my next client.

Multitasking is definitely the name of the game when you’re a busy mum. Running a business, running a home and running after the children is a constant juggling act. But I don’t want to compromise when it comes to feeding my family.  If I have an hour spare between clients I use the time to prepare good wholesome food. As I am of Indian descent, I love to make a good curry. I learnt to cook as I stood by my mother’s side as a teenager, watching as she prepared food for her family. The wonderful aromatic spices in Indian food smell delicious but I don’t want my hair and clothes to smell of cumin and garam masala when I am seeing a client! People often say how glamorous my life must be, and sometimes it is, but you may not recognise me when I am cooking a curry!

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