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Raising The Bra
Do you find yourself reaching for a greyed bra most mornings? Once you’ve put your underwear on do you feel less Eva Herzegovina (push-up bra model) and more Nora Batty? Many women think they don’t need to pay as much attention to their undies as they are not on show, but think again; just as putting on a favourite dress or pair of shoes in the morning makes us feel good, our underwear has a huge effect on how we feel and how our clothes look on us too.Getting the foundations right makes all the difference. When you wear underwear in the right fit and shape, your clothes will look better on you too. Here are some key tips from feron clark style to help you get the utmost out of your undies.

Good Foundations
According to statistics, 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, which is neither a good look nor good for your bust. The first, most important thing about your bra is getting a good fit that supports the bust properly. If you haven’t had a proper bra fitting yet, book one asap.The brassiere has come a long way, not only becoming better designed with more style and colour options, but we now have eco-friendly underwear, bras that effuse aloe vera to keep the skin moisturised and cups that you can pump up or deflate depending on your requirements! Whatever your preferences, if you’re guilty of neglecting your smalls then it’s high time you paid them some attention.


Tips For Bra Fit
– The centre of your bra should fit closely to the breastbone in order to lift and separate
– There should be a smooth line where the fabric at the top of the cup ends and meets your bust. There should not be any ridges or bulging over the top or sides of the cups, even if you are wearing a balconette or lower-cut style.

– The strap around your body should be firm but comfortable and it should be horizontal and not ride up at the back.
– Straps should not cut in or fall off the shoulders. If necessary, choose a style with a wider strap (particularly if you have a large bust)
*from Colour Me Younger (Hamlyn)

Good foundations are just the beginning to a stylish you! To get expert advice on the right shapes and fit, book a Style Consultation with me on

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