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According to my great friend Google, way back in the mists of time the Roman Emperor, Claudius II, decreed that young men be forbidden to marry because single men made better soldiers. A romantic young priest named Valentine defied Claudius and married young couples in secret. He was martyred in 269 for his troubles, and just over two hundred years later added to the calendar of saints by Pope Gelasius, who designated 14 February as a day to honour him.

With the date fast approaching, you will notice men in suits and men in jeans wandering around with troubled looks, unsure whether to buy the dozen long-stemmed roses, the heart-shaped box of chocolate liqueurs, or the red satin nightie and negligee.

In my experience, men want to buy lovely underwear for their partners but are troubled by it and don’t know how to go about it. Personally, I feel that women should buy their own underwear – preferably using their partner’s credit card! But if you think your partner is going to be tempted to go down the lingerie route with his gift buying, then show him this article first.

A Man’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

The colour

Choose lingerie in her favourite colours. Don’t be tempted by red or black (too temptress) or white (boring).




The brand and type

Have a look in your partner’s underwear drawer. What brand does she favour? Is she an M&S lady? Does she favour Chantelle, Victoria’s Secret, Bravissimo? The label will tell you the brand. Check to see if she wears a full cup or a balcony style and whether it is underwired or not.



The size

We ladies go to a lot of trouble to ensure that we are wearing the right size bra; we usually get measured by professionals. The rules here are that the bridge (or centre) of the bra should rest on the rib cage, and the breast should fit within the bra cup fully (otherwise the cup size is wrong). You should only be able to get one finger behind the back of the bra and under the strap (otherwise the bra size is wrong). Again, look at a recently purchased bra and the size and cup-size will be on the label. Sizing varies according to brand, so be sure to buy the same brand and size/cup-size as on the label. If in doubt, take it with you.


The knickers

The first point here is that they need to match the bra in colour. Secondly, does she wear a full brief to cover her tummy (more Bridget Jones), or does she favour a mini-brief or thong (more Pamela Anderson)? Buy whichever she wears most, based on more research from her underwear drawer. Always buy at least three pairs so that she can wear matching underwear on a number of days. It’s amazing how fabulous a girl feels when she knows she is wearing matching underwear!


Your partner should be a bit the wiser now. If, however, when you open that red-tissue-wrapped parcel on St Valentine’s Day expecting some luxury lingerie and find he was still tempted to buy you a fluffy dog with ‘I wuff you’ embroidered on its belly (more Sinner than Saint), blame Pope Gelasius, not him!

Best wishes

Anita x

SOURCE: All images are from Chantelle’s website: