Videos – Personal Styling Session with Katy

personal styling session with katy


Katy feels “drab”, she doesn’t know what to do with her make-up (which is several years old) and finds her confidence knocked by other well dressed mums of her age.

Watch as Anita Feron Clark, personal stylist, helps Katy to realise that with her gorgeous figure, blue eyes and blond hair, she can look and feel amazing with just a little help and advice on colour, make-up and dress sense.

episode one

Anita offers Katy a consultation following the comments by Katy – she feels like she just can’t keep up with the other mums who all seem to look great.

episode two

Anita helps Katy understand which colours suit her best.

episode three

Anita gives Katy some top tips to help her sort out her wardrobe.

episode four

In this episode, Anita talks to Katy about make-up and skincare.

In the next, and final, episode we get to see Katy’s transformation.

episode five

In this final episode, we get to see the gorgeous Katy in three outfits picked by Anita – day, evening and a day at the races.