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Wearing bright colours together can be a match made in heaven. A particular favourite is pink on pink and red with pink.


As you can see from the photograph of some of my drapes, pink and red come in a plethora of shades, each with their unique undertone, value and chroma. So it’s no surprise if women aren’t sure which shade suits them, let alone which one to wear. If you’d like to take the plunge and wear pinks and reds together, the first thing you need to be absolutely clear about is which pink or red suits you best near your face. Depending on your skin tone you will suit either ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ tones. For example, a cool pink such as fuchsia has blue in it, whereas a warm pink such as blush pink has yellow in it. A cool red would be plum, whereas a warm red would be tomato. As I have a golden/olive tone to my skin, I suit warm tones of pink and red.








In the picture on the right I’m wearing a warm pink top with tomato-red trousers. In the one on the right I’ve paired a blush-pink jumper with a magenta skirt. The magenta isn’t great near my face – it’s too cool – which is why I’m wearing it as a skirt.







Wearing your perfect colour near your face is crucial, as light reflects it upwards. This can cast either flattering tones or dark shadows, depending on the mix of the colour and on your skin tone, which is one reason why it is important to know your dominant colouring type and to discover which are the right colours for you. I suit deep, warm and clear colours. The aubergine top I am wearing on the left is a strong, dark colour that complements my dark hair and eyes. The clear chroma in the pink skirt works well, too.

If I had a penny for the number of times my lovely clients have told me they are unsure which colours suit them so they prefer to play it safe with neutrals, I’d be a millionaire! So often we feel comfortable and safe wearing neutrals such as black, navy, grey, white or beige, and we shy away from colour. Once you are aware of the colours you look great in, the more likely you are to wear colour confidently. Some clients worry about standing out in colour and would rather blend in. I can help them to make the most of wearing colour, be it a neutral or something brighter. Armed with the knowledge that you look healthier, younger and fitter in a particular undertone, value and chroma of pink or red, say, you are more likely to wear that colour. We all want to stand out for the right reasons and trust me, by wearing the perfect shade near your face, compliments – and your confidence – will flow.

And why save colour for the warmer, sunnier months? We need colour on those dark, dull and dreary mornings as it really lifts both our spirits and our complexions. Others will get a wonderful colour-fix, too, from seeing you look radiant.

There is a time and a place for full-on colour. I probably wouldn’t do pink on pink for the office, but definitely give it a go for a night out with the girls, or to inject a pop of colour into your book-club gathering.

Here are my tips for how to ease your way into wearing more pinks and reds:

1. Try to add something pink or red to your accessories, whilst keeping your clothes in your safe zone. Or experiment with a new shade of lippy in a warm or cool pink or red.

2. Branch out by wearing a neutral piece of clothing with a pink or red blouse or cardigan.

3. Finally, once you feel you’ve nailed it, try putting two colours that aren’t neutrals together, e.g. pink with pink, or pink with red.


How can I help?

Not sure what your best colours are, including pinks and reds? Would you love to have your colours done, so that you feel confident stepping out in your best colours? If so, please go to my colour consultation page to make an appointment to come over to my studio where I can help you to become colour confident.

Best wishes