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How Much Should You Dare To Bare?

British scientists believe they have the answer – an outfit that reveals 40 percent of a woman’s skin provides just the right amount of attention. Each arm accounts for 10 percent, each leg for 15 percent and the torso for 50 percent. (source: Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail , 17 November 2009)

It’s tricky to know what to wear on a night out when it’s winter and the weather is absolutely YUCK!

Whether you’re planning for a work do, a family get together, Book Club or a girls night out, I can help you find the perfect outfit to match the occasion and show off just the right amount of skin you feel comfortable with. Remember, this is only a guideline and if you fancy covering up more or baring more, it’s entirely your choice. I’ve put together some tips below.

Office party 

This can be a tricky one to get right. You want your outfit to say ‘I’m fun, I’m elegant and I’m confident’ without going over the top. There is no problem at all showing some cleavage, but do make sure your bosom isn’t falling/busting out of your dress or top, believe me, I’ve seen it many times, especially after a few drinks. If in doubt with a deep cleavage, why not wear a camisole that leaves something to the imagination. Also, try to avoid skirts that are too tight/short as they have a tendency to ride up.

A jumpsuit is a great alternative to a dress – they are flattering on all body shapes. You can dress them up as much or as little as you like, it’s difficult to get it wrong.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a well-fitting dress with perhaps lace, sequins or sparkly detailing; or a super cool tuxedo/trouser suit. If you haven’t got time to go home and change, choose beautiful accessories to take your outfit from day to night. And why not wear your hair differently using some gorgeous hair accessories to add a bit elegance? Finally, make-up: personally, I go for a stronger lippy colour (red or fuchsia is my fav) or darker, bolder eyes.  So remember – have fun, but unless it’s meant to be OTT, don’t go OTT.

Family get-togethers

As with the office party, you don’t want to choose anything too revealing for this. When you bend over the table to reach for another sausage roll, you don’t want the family getting a good eye full of your bra and any other ‘rolls’. Think fun and casual chic and most importantly comfort. If your family get-togethers are anything like mine, there’ll be lots of food and booze consumed. So no tight waistbands (elasticated all the way) and definitely NO bodycon dresses.








Girls night out

This is where you can really have fun with your outfit with no colleagues or family members raising their eyebrows when you start to moonwalk. Up the ante on the sparkles, the heels and the fun, and don’t skimp on the accessories (a glitzy clutch always adds a touch of glamour). Also never forget, adding a bold lipstick can make quite a statement with any outfit choice.

Finally, it might be worth taking a cute little cardy, jacket or poncho so that you can peel off the layers as the temperature rises.

Where do I come in?

Now if you’re struggling to hit the right colour, style or shape note for any of the above occasions or others, why not come over to my studio and bring along some of your outfits and accessories and I’ll advise you on what or what not to wear, as well as give you loads of suggestions? This advice will help on many more occasions over the next few years. An hour’s express colour and style consultation is a mere snip at £100.

Or, for a gift idea, I have the perfect stylish solution for you. Rather than the obvious spa day voucher, why not ask a loved one to put the money towards your personal styling gift voucher? Consider it an investment – if you have a session with me I can help you to learn what colours, shapes and styles suit you and voila! – no more wasting money on items which aren’t suited to you. After seeing me you’ll feel wonderful in your clothes. If you’d love to feel great every time you get dressed in the morning, contact me, I promise to wave my magic wand.
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