Blog > Why not have a colour and style party at home?

Morning ladies,
On saturday night, I was asked to do a colour and style party for 2 hours, for a mum I recently met at a school style evening. The host invited 6 friends and we had a ball. In a nutshell, I helped the ladies understand what

their best colours were and what their body shapes were, so that they had the confidence to wear not only the right colours, but also the right shape of clothes for their body shape. So, if you fancy having some fun with your friends, whilst learning loads about your colour and style, please look no further. Here is the host’s testimonial: “Thank you so much, the evening was a huge success. The following day, all of us went to Kingston to buy only colours that suits us…what fun that was! And I managed to sell a few of my clothes to the other ladies, that don’t suit me according your advise. So, big thank you Anita. I look forward our shopping trip in March! Have a great party season time, best wishes