Blog > You can NEVER have enough handbags!

You can never have enough handbags and here are two very good reasons why:

1. Like shoes, a handbag can make or break your look.
2. Different occasions call for a different style, size and colour of handbag.

Men may tease women about how many handbags they own but there is a valid reason for it: women need a handbag collection that is appropriate for various occasions and outfits. You can’t take a floral straw bag to a business meeting or a formal leather handbag to the beach, can you?

Handbags make a style statment, so get it right.

Get it right and you will look super stylish, get it wrong and you will either disappear in the crowd or ruin your whole look.

The bags you choose will depend on your style personality. You might prefer neat and classic bags to slouchy styles or you might look for interesting details or colours. Whatever look you are drawn to, your bag needs to be in balance with your overall scale: a small bag will look lost on a grand scale woman and a large bag will swamp a petite woman.

The shape of your bag needs to follow the line of your body. For example, Rectangles, Lean Columns and Inverted Triangles need structured bags to reflect the lines and angles of their bodies.

Softer, unstructured bags work best for those with a Full Hourglass or Round shape. Triangles should avoid bags that hang at hip level as they will add width to the widest area.